• We appreciate the fact that if a child is struggling in an area that time is taken to show them exactly how to do what is expected. Great role modelling!~ Mariella
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    • Expect Extraordinary Benefits

      Learn to set goals and be self-motivating

      A positive self-image leads to victory. If you want to be a champion Black Belt, you must hold a positive image of yourself. One is not naturally born with a positive self-image.

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    • Are You A Better Person Because of Martial Arts?

      A look into what martial arts does for you.

      By now, you can attest to the fact that Martial Arts helps a trainee to exercise both his/her mind and body. The repetitious exercise has undoubtedly helped you to strengthen your muscles and bones.

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    • 10 Ways to Raise a Street Smart Child

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    • Through a Rapist's Eyes

      Excerpts from prison

      A group of rapists and date rapists in prison were interviewed on what they look for in a potential victim and here are some interesting facts.

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    • Back to School for Good Grades

      Suggestions to maintain good school grades

      Organizing schoolwork would be a breeze for many students if they only follow a few simple tasks on a routine basis. Very often it's the small details of daily life that slow you down.


  • Promotions

    • Fundraising for your School or Organization

      Raising Cash with a Kick!

      I wanted to have a chance to present a novel idea for your group or organization. As with most groups I am sure you are looking for ways to raise funds for projects, field trips or special events. You might have already done a bake sale, car wash or magazine drive.


    • After-School Program

      As founder of Iron Fist Tae Kwon Do Schools, I'd like to introduce you to our after-school program. We can custom-design an 8 week course for your school.

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    • Raising Your Children with Martial Arts

      Many parents have already discovered that martial art training is one of the most beneficial activities in which your child can participate. A martial arts school is a place where a child can learn self-control, respect, and get in shape, all in a safe and fun environment.

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    • Getting Lean, Fearless and Stress Free

      Here’s Your One Chance to Become the Lean, Fearless, Stress-Free Person You’ve Always Wanted to Be – We Guarantee It!

      If you've ever considered taking martial arts classes, then you must read this letter to find out how our martial arts programs will help you achieve your goals. As you continue reading, you'll learn what other people just like you have already discovered - how our properly instructed martial arts programs help everyday people lead safer, healthier, happier lives.