Iron Fist Martial Arts

After School Martial Arts Program

  • Parents,

    Do you have your child in either a day care center or extended care for after school? For all of the parents who work, day care is very important. It allows you to work and pay the bills and provide for your family. For single parents it is even more important. It provides for a safe space for your child from the time they get out of school until you get off work.

    Iron Fist's After School Martial Arts Program is the perfect alternative to day care.

    The basic rundown of the program is this: We pick up your child at their school when school gets out or the school bus drops your child off at Iron Fist Tae Kwon Do. Their time here will include time for homework, game or crafts and, of course, Tae Kwon Do training. In addition to all that, here is the added benefit - your regular Tae Kwon Do class tuition is included in the cost and that the program qualifies for child care deduction.

    Children routinely make great gains and benefits training on a 2 day a week basis. Think of what it will be on an every day basis. They will progress faster up the belt ranks than usual. We will vary what occurs in the After School Tae Kwon Do Program so that your child will not suffer "burn out."

    How to get signed up is this:

    1. Reply to this e-mail and/or sign up with Master Sonny at the school by giving your name and phone number, your child's name and your child's school name. (Note: When we get an idea of how many kids will be enrolled, we'll be able to finalize the decision regarding transporting kids.)
    2. Register with Master Sonny or Mrs. Kelly Pabuaya. This includes filling out the registration form and receiving the After School Program information sheet.
    3. We go over with your child what is expected of him/her, especially in the area of picking them up at school.
    4. Pay for their first week of the program.

    We are very excited about the program. This fills a need for parents and with the Tae Kwon Do training, the returns are far greater than any day care can deliver. This provides a tremendous service for you and your child - we handle your child until you get off work and your child gains self confidence, self control, greater hand-eye coordination, concentration and knowledge of self defense.

    You can't get a better deal than this anywhere!

    Register to enroll your child in the After School Tae Kwon Do Program right away!

    There is limited space so call (204) 231-3633

    Master Sonny and Kelly Pabuaya